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標題: 具有倒六角錐結構之高效率氮化銦鎵發光二極體的製作
Fabrication of the High Efficiency Light-Emitting Diodes With Hexagonal Inverted Pyramid Structures.
作者: Liu, Hsun-Chih
關鍵字: InGaN;氮化銦鎵;LED;發光二極體
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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在經過20分鐘的側蝕與1.5小時的N-face蝕刻處理後,在蝕刻平台上無金屬覆蓋之透明導電膜內縮區域可觀察到大量奈米級倒六角錐結構,其尺寸大小為高:154.7nm和基底寬度:206.4nm之倒六角錐結構,底部形成約10nm直徑之氮化銦鎵奈米盤結構,其形成機制可由發光層選擇性側向蝕刻和N-face蝕刻所組成,並根據Wulff理論,蝕刻穩定面是由最小表面積和表面能所組成。在氮化銦鎵量子井發光層之光激螢光光譜中,發現發光波長由460.5 nm藍移到452.5 nm,此8nm藍移量形成原因為:(1)氮化銦鎵量子井中壓電場效應因應力釋放而被減低,(2)倒角錐結構底部形成氮化銦鎵奈米盤結構而產生量子侷限效應。另外藉由Nd:YVO4固態脈衝雷射在不同光功率密度下的激發,可使HIP結構產生lasing的現象。

The higher light extraction efficiency of InGaN-based light emitting diodes (LED) have fabricated and analyzed in this thesis. The fabricated InGaN-based LED wafers are treated through a photoelectrochemical (PEC) wet etching process by using the Hg lamp as illumination light source and KOH solution.
Nano-scaled self-assembled hexagonal inverted pyramids (HIP) structures were formed through the 20min PEC lateral etching process and 1.5hr N-face wet etching process. The HIP structure was consisted of the top 0.1μm-thick GaN:Mg layer and 50nm-thick InGaN active layer located on the stable Ga-face n-type GaN:Si layer. The photoluminescence (PL) intensity of MQW peak has a great enhancement in nano-scale HIP structures due to the nano-cavity confined effect and the total reflecting effect. The PL emission peaks of InGaN/GaN MQW structure are located at 460.5nm for standard LED (ST-LED) and 452.5nm for HIP LED, a 8nm blueshift phenomenon of the HIP-LED structure was observed that was caused by reduced the piezoelectric field. The internal quantum efficiency of an InGaN/GaN MQW active layer are slightly enhanced in this hexagonal inverted pyramids. The thermal activation energy of a HIP structure (76meV) is higher than the standard sample (56.2meV) analyzed from a temperature dependent PL measurement.
At 20mA injection current, the light output power of HIP-LED had 62.4% enhancement compared with the ST-LED. The angular dependent of light-output intensity of the ST-LED and HIP-LED were measured at 20mA operating current. The light output intensity of the ST-LED at horizontal directions (the angles from 0° to 17° and 163° to 180°) was higher than the HIP-LED. The possible reason was caused by the horizontal emission light was scattered and extracted to normal direction through the HIP structures around the 10μm-width mesa-edge region.
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