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標題: Analysis of Warpage Issue in Flip-Chip Ball Grid Arrays
作者: 蔡君聆
Tsai, Jyun-Ling
關鍵字: Shadow Moire;陰影疊紋法;Heatspreader adhesive;Pattern;Warpage;散熱片黏著膠;塗佈方式;翹曲量
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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在散熱片黏著膠材料性質比較方面,高玻璃轉換溫度和低熱膨脹係數的散熱片黏著膠具有較佳的抗構裝體翹曲變形行為。相同的散熱片黏著膠塗佈形狀(4L-type 或 U sharp)在不同的散熱片黏著膠材料(X type 或 M type)的構裝體,其在最高溫260℃時的翹曲量差異分別為0.5 mils 與1.2 mils。所以由此實驗結果顯示,在選擇散熱片黏著膠材料時可以盡量朝這個方向去做選擇。另外,在散熱片黏著膠塗佈形狀的比較方面,以U shape與4L+dot黏著膠塗佈形狀的翹曲曲線表現最好,在最高溫260℃時的翹曲量分別為1.8 mils 和1.5 mils。在考量構裝體整體的黏著膠塗佈覆蓋面積時,可朝在構裝體的四個角落皆有塗佈黏著膠的方向去做選擇。

The thesis seeks to discuss in detail the best material and adhesive dispense matrix combination for reducing the thermal stress (package warpage) effect on a flip chip package at reflow temperature conditions. In this study, the Shadow Moiré Method was utilized to simulate and characterize the warpage performance of a flip chip package on varying reflow temperatures.
In regards to the adhesive material properties for the heatspreader, the high glass-transition temperatures (Tg) and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) characteristics show the better warpage performance. In the case of the flip chip package with similar heatspreader adhesive material (X type or M type) but of different type of heatspreader adhesive pattern (4L-type or U shape), the warpage deviations at peak temperature of 260℃ are 0.5 mils and 1.2 mils. This gives the criteria of material properties for choosing the suitable adhesive material.
As regarding the heatspreader adhesive dispense pattern, the “four-line + dot shape” shows better results than the “U shape” adhesive pattern, where the warpage performance at peak temperature 260℃ were 1.8 mils and 1.5 mils, respectively. These indicate that the better adhesive pattern would further serve to control the flip chip package warpage.
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