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標題: 農地重劃區生態工程應用成效檢析研究
Reviewing of Effectiveness of Ecological Engineering Application on Agricultural Land Consolidation
作者: 林士新
Lin, Shih-Hsin
關鍵字: 農地重劃;agricultural land consolidation;農水路;生態工程;Farm-road and canal;ecological engineering
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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Agricultural land conslidation area agricultural waterway project planning, design and engineering methods standard, the usual agricultural waterway structure of the body of safe sex and reduce the water delivery process leakage problems and other considerations to do design, resulting in agricultural waterways facilities fully concrete petrochemical building materials, shaping the landscapevirtually strangled with a deposit of the original natural ecological conservation of habitat quality environment, the government in recent years to promote the ecological and environmental protection measures, the study and improvement of agricultural land re-zoning of agricultural waterway project planning and design engineering methods.
In view of this study the selected your area of Yilan County, road district in Changhua County and Yunlin County Niaosung (c) 3 agricultural land consolidation and Ilan County, the Great Lakes (b), Changhua County the Wan Xingqu and the Yunlin CountyWu North West and other 3 District of the non-agricultural land consolidation district a year ecological environment investigation analysis, and explore the lack of the current agricultural land re-zoned ecological engineering of and difficult to promote research results found inappropriate embankment renovation works, laying of cement, tile road surface, willdiversity of birds and anhydrous flow in the Canal Road is the key to the survival of aquatic life. Therefore, findings of the study put forward the suggestions of improvements, as the improvement of the ecological projects continue in the future to promote the agricultural rezoning directions and reference.
其他識別: U0005-0608201219361200
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