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標題: 黏土層加速完成壓密之不同方法探討
The Study on Accelerating Complete Consolidation in Clay Layer for Different Procedures
作者: 王麗惠
Wang, Li-Hui
關鍵字: 壓密;consolidation;水壓力;排水砂樁;pore pressure;sand drain
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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Much more time is ususally required in complete consolidation of clay layer after sustaining the load due to its low permeability. For accelerating complete consolidation in clay layer, many construction methods are developed for meeting the engineering requirement and having the efficiency of practice. In recent years, the computer software programs are used widely and numerically computational analysis becomes the reference of design. This study will aim at the related mechanical behavior of accelerating complete consolidation in clay layer using the cases of preloading in embankment and installing sand drain in clay layer. All analyses are performed with PLAXIS program. From the analyzed results, it indicated that (1). The methods of preloading in embankment and installing sand drain in clay layer are both effecitive in accelerating complete consolidation in clay layer. The latter is more significant; (2).The pore pressure change near the portion of fill plays a practical index in the evaluation of efficiency of consolidation. The pore pressure change far away from the portion of fill is not associated with consolidation efficiency; (3).The appropriate consolidation information incoportaed with the analysis of pore pressure change from preloading in embankment and installing sand drain in clay layer can provide the design reference of evaluating the settlement and completed time of clay layer in engineering circles.
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