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標題: 雙出流口式滯洪壩水理特性與數值解析之研究
Study of the Hydraulic Characteristics and Numerical Analysis on Detention Dam with Dual Outlets
作者: 陳宗顯
Chen, Tsung-Hsien
關鍵字: detention dam with dual outlets;雙出流口式滯洪壩;peak reduction;detention volume;Runge-Kutta method;洪峰消減度;滯洪容積;藍吉-庫塔法
出版社: 土木工程學系
1. 經理論導證與實驗結果分析,本研究提出雙出流口式滯洪壩於滿管之 公制流量公式,並可利用上述公式作為出流歷線推求之依據。
2. 流量歷線擬合公式可視為時間之多項式與指數函數之合成式,多項式部分對洪峰流量影響較大,而指數函數部分則牽動著歷線基期時間,且無因次形狀參數 值對於歷線分佈形態影響甚巨。
3. 經由研究分別獲得洪峰消減度與無因次滯洪容積經驗式,其中發現入流歷線特性參數為主要影響因子,並可以此提供設計規劃參考之用。
4. 本研究獲悉滯洪演算程式與渠槽實驗結果之相符性甚佳,因此可以此滯洪演算程式與渠槽試驗相互驗證,且於入流歷線形態及洪峰消減度相同之情況下,孔口所需之滯洪容積最小,雙出流口者居中,而矩形堰口者最大,可以此提供設計上之參考應用。

Because of the complex hydrology phenomena in detention basins and the impact caused by various outlets and discharge hydrograph characteristics, it is difficult to control the outflow and variation in detention volume. This study is concerned with numerical analysis and programming, development for mathematical calculations on detention characteristics. Two kinds of inflow hydrograph - triangular and IUH hydrographs — as well as outlets structured using orifice and rectangular weir were used in this study. The Runge-Kutta Method can be worked to the continuity equation to produce the procedure for mathematical calculations on detention characteristics. The hydraulic characteristics of detention ponds were studied using experiments. The following conclusions were reached:
1. Discharge formula of dual outlets for submerged orifice flow in metric system is obtained through theoretical and experimental analyses. The formula above can be viewed as the basis for the outflow hydrograph.
2. The simulation equation can be seen as a synthetic formula with a polynomial and exponent function in time. The polynomial function has a greater influence on the peak discharge while the exponential function is involved with the time of the baseflow. Meanwhile the dimensionless shape factor has substantial influence on the hydrograph distribution.
3. The formula for the peak reduction and the dimensionless detention volume is builded,and the inflow hydrograph characteristic parameter is the most important influence factor.
4. The calculation of the detention program corresponds to the results from the experiment. Hence, the program and experiment confirm one another. However, if the inflow hydrograph and the peak reduction are the same, the detention volume through the orifice is smaller than the dual outlets and rectangular weir.
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