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標題: 台中地區管推進工程卵礫石層與管線互制行為之分析研究
Analysis of the Interaction of the Pipe and the Gravel Formation for the Pipejacking in Taichung Area
作者: 吳家聰
Wu, Chia Tsung
關鍵字: gravel;卵礫石;pipejacking;finite element;管推進工程;三維有限元素
出版社: 土木工程學系
本研究針對台中地區之推進工程,進行分析研究。根據前人對卵礫石工程特性之研究,對卵礫石之應力應變關係採Extended Drucker-Prager models (亦是一種完全彈塑性elasto perfectly模式),並由大型三軸實驗根據不同圍壓下之軸差應力決定其適合卵礫石之破壞準則,經ABAQUS程式三維分析其不同深度下之地表沉陷可得與Peck等人推估之沉陷量比較有相同合理之結果。此外,並發現其埋管深度愈深地表沉陷範圍愈大,最大沉陷量愈小的結果有相同的趨勢,故深度較淺者需注意地表的差異沉陷量對鄰近建物所造成的影響。

Constructing or renewing service pipelines is one of the major construction works during development of an urban area. Traditional trench excavating method has advantages, such as easy working and low cost, etc., however, it has large impact on not only the environment but also the traffic. Also, it does not suitable for the conditions with permanent surface facilities. Therefore, trenchless construction methods were developed and applied to avoid those difficulties. The surface formations of Taichung area, besides a 5 meter thick soil, consists of a gravel formations thicker than 50 meters. As the quartz-sandstone gravel is very hard and difficult to break, the most common excavation methods are non-mechanical and semi-mechanical methods. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the city, there are more and more trenchless pipejacking constructions. The objective of the study is focused on the pipejacking construction in gravel formations. The finite element software ABAQUS was used to simulate the behavior of underground excavation in the gravel formations.
In the three-dimensional pipejacking simulation, the extended Drucker-Prager models are adopted. We analyzed the behavior of the gravel formations in the process of pipejacking construction and compare the numerical results with the in-situ subsidence surveying results.
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