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標題: 地理資訊系統結合淹水模式之應用
The Application of Geographic Information System to Flood Plains Modeling
作者: 葉人瑞
Yeh, Jen-Jui
關鍵字: geographic information systems;地理資訊系統;flood modeling;淹水模式
出版社: 土木工程學系

The seasonal flooding problems within Taiwan area have been quite serious over thepast years. The reasons which cause to flooding are mainly heavy rainfall, improperland use patterns, drainage disability, etc.. In addition, in recent years, due to rapid economic progress of high-tech revolution, many electro-related companies have tended to gather in new-developed municipal areas, this has made drainage facility more insufficient and thus caused heavy regional flooding. Therefore, to completely control flood situation in high-tech industrial area is quite worthwhile for both regional and central governments. This research is to perform flood simulation based upon geographic information systems, which uses ARC/INFO and ArcView softwarein obtaining parameters for flood modeling and the display of simulation results. Also, this study has constructed land use patterns, topographic characteristics and drainage facilities of the entire Yen-Shui watershed. The flood model is simulated based on the precipitation of Her-Bert typhoon which brought heavy damages to the industrial area. The results showed that the proposed flood model based upon GIS is able to build up a real-time flood simulation with flood hydrographs and flood zones within the watershed simultaneously showing on the computer screen , which will be highly powerful for decision-making agencies during flood seasons to reduce the cost due to flooding.
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