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標題: 低水泥量高性能混凝土無剪力筋樑之抗剪行為
Shear Behavior of Low cement High-Performance Concrete Beams Without Stirrups
作者: 劉倉豪
Liu, Ts''Hao, ang
關鍵字: Shear;剪力;Low cement;Beams without stirrups;High-performance concrete;低水泥量;無剪力筋樑;高性能混凝土
出版社: 土木工程學系
比值增加而提高強度。LcHPC樑構件在跨深比等於3.0時,其抗剪 行為與
HPC樑構件並無明顯的差異﹔但在跨深比減少為1.5 時,LcHPC樑達破壞之

The purpose of the study is to investigate the shear
behavior of high performance concrete (HPC) beam and the low
cement high performance concrete (LcHPC) beam with a cement
content of 250 kg/cm3. Fourteen full scale specimens without
stirrups were made for testing. The considered parameters
include the shear-span to effective depth ratio (a/d), the
percentage of longitudinal steel content (ρ) and the different
amount of cement. The results show that the shear strength at
cracking increase as a/d decrease and as ρ increase for both
HPC beams and LcHPC beams. It happens to the shear strength at
failure, too. And there is no obvious differences of shear
behavior between HPC beams and LcHPC beams when a/d equals to
3.0. When the a/d equals to 1.5, LcHPC beams will have larger
shear strength than that of HPC beams at failure. Moreover, the
LcHPC beams also show better crack control than the HPC beams.
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