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標題: 地形圖掃瞄與數化位置精度之研究
A Study on Positional Accuracy of Scanned and digitized topographic maps
作者: 吳奇聰
WU, Chi Tsung
關鍵字: Digitized topographic maps;數值地形圖;Accuracy assessment;Verified point;精度檢核;檢核點
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要 目前國土資訊系統(National Geographic Information Systems
;NGIS) 之九大資料庫中,以基本地形圖資料庫最具基礎性及應用性。而
實有必要進行評估。 本論文主要探討地形圖掃瞄與數化之精度。針對研
像點座標,而探究數化製圖過程所產生之誤差。 實驗結果發現:(1)

Abstract Digital topographic maps are the most fundamental
among the nine databases in the National Geographic Information
System (NGIS). Theestablishment and supply of the digital
topographic maps are primary work of the implementation of NGIS.
Digital topographic maps are used in many applications as base
maps to proceed various kinds of geographic analyses. Thequality
and accuracy of the digital data affect the usability and
reliability of theresult of the geographic analysis immediately.
Using wrong data in the process of decision making would degrade
the quality of the decision made, or even cause the wrong
decisions. Therefore we should evaluate the quality of the
digital data. The purpose of this research is to explore the
positional accuracy of the scanned and digitized topographic
maps. Based on the digital topographic mapsof the study area,
obvious local image points such as intersections of road lines
were chosen as check points. Line thinning algorithm was applied
to thin thescanned image for obtaining corresponding points on
the scanned imageCoordinates of these points from digitizing and
scanning were compared toexplore the errors due to digital
scanning process. Two findings are drawn from the experimental
results of this research. (1) Positional errors of 74.28% of
check points of the road layer and 53.18% of the water layer are
less than 0.5mm on map which comfort to the second graderequest.
The primary sources of errors are from the results of the map
digitizationand coordinate transformation. (2) The quality of
the digital data affects theaccuracy of the result of GIS''s
analyses. Complete procedures of accuracyassessment must be
established to understand the distribution of errors from data
collection to applications. Keyword : Digitized topographic
maps, Accuracy assessment, Verifiedpoint
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