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dc.contributor.advisorShu Perng Hoen_US
dc.contributor.authorLin, Luen Goangen_US
dc.description.abstract研究孔雀綠 (Malachite green oxalate) 對虹鱒之急毒性,求得半致死 濃度 LC50 (median lethal concentration) , 進行組織病理及血清生 化檢查, 並收集魚肉作肌肉中孔雀綠濃度測定。在虹鱒 48 小時半致死 濃度試驗中,經過六次試驗平均體長分別為 5.4 公分、 7.9 公分、 8.9 公分、 9.5 公分、 13 公分、 19.7 公分, 其 LC50 分別為 0.36 ppm 、 0.69 ppm 、 0.65 ppm 、 0.64 ppm 、 1.03 ppm 、 0.96 ppm 。 組織切片檢查, 投藥組虹鱒之鰓部鰓薄板有明顯黏液增生及二級 鰓薄板呈現腫脹情形, 其上皮細胞並有空泡化現象。腎臟之腎小管上皮 細胞有混濁腫脹情形產生, 而肝臟並無明顯之病變。另外,關於孔雀綠 對血清生化學的影響,在孔雀綠 0.5 ppm 、 1 ppm 藥浴中, 第 24 小 時及 48 小時虹鱒血清之天門冬酸轉氨酵素 (AST) 、氨基丙酸轉氨酵 素 (ALT) 、乳酸去氨酵素 (LDH) 、血清尿素氮 (BUN) 呈明顯之增 加 (P < 0.05) 。 藥浴試驗中,肌肉之孔雀綠濃度往往大於藥浴時投予 的濃度, 藥浴濃度愈高孔雀綠濃度愈高。 在相同濃度藥浴期間死亡虹鱒 魚肉之孔雀綠濃度大於 48 小時後存活魚之肌肉含量。 在試驗中,檢測 不同暴露時間後肌肉中孔雀綠含量,得知投藥 24 小時後採樣之肌肉濃度 大於投藥 48 小時後之肌肉濃度, 而在同濃度不同密度藥浴試驗, 密度 較低者其肌肉之孔雀綠濃度大於密度高者。 由此可推知孔雀綠處理後會 因為暴露時間、魚隻密度不同而造成肌肉含量之差異。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe acute toxicity of malachite green to rainbow trout was studied by 1) determining the median lethal concentration (LC50), 2) histopathological observation of tissue sections, 3) monitoring the serum biochemical composition and 4) assaying for malachite green concentration in the fish muscle.The LC50 of malachite green for the six groups of rainbow trout with average body length of 5.4 cm, 7.9 cm, 8.9 cm, 9.5 cm, 13 cm and 19.7 cm were found to be 0.36 ppm, 0.69 ppm, 0.65 ppm, 0.64 ppm, 1.03 ppm and 0.96 ppm, respectively. Histopathological examination of the gills of malachite green exposed fish revealed the swelling of both the primary and secondary lamella, increased mucus secretion and the vacuolation of the epithelial cells. Epithelial cells of the renal tubules showed cloudy swelling. However, no apparent lesion was observed in the liver. Serum enzymes, such as aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) were seen to be significantly elevated (P<0.05) in rainbow trout which had been exposed to a concentration of 0.5 or 1 ppm of malachite green for either 24 or 48 hr. The concentration of malachite green in the muscle tissue increased proportionately with the exposed water concentration, resulting in the muscle malachite green concentration being several fold higher than that in the water. This showed that the malaclite green can accumulate in fish. However, it was also observed that the higher the fish density in the tank, comparatively lower malachite green concentration were detected in the fish muscle. Moreover, the muscle of survivors were found to contain lower malachite green concentration at 48hr postexposure (PE) than the fish which died within 12hr PE despite being exposed to the same treatment concentration.en_US
dc.subjectMalachite Greenen_US
dc.subjectMedian Lethal Concentration (LC50)en_US
dc.subjectRainbow Trouten_US
dc.titleStudies on the Acute Toxicity of Malachite Green in Fishen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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