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標題: 水稻梯田降雨逕流模擬分析之研究
A Study on Rainfall-Runoff Analysis for Terraced Paddy Field
作者: 張淯傑
Chang, Yu-Jie
關鍵字: 水稻梯田;Terraced Paddy Field;水筒模式;線性水庫;逕流模擬;參數分析;Tank Model;Conceptual model of linear reservoirs;runoff simulation;parameter analysis
出版社: 土木工程學系
長久以來,水稻田的功能僅在於生產稻米以滿足人類糧食需求。近年來社會的快速變遷與稻米需求量的降低,以及台灣加入世界貿易組織後稻米已開放進口,水稻田之傳統功能已日漸式微之際,水稻梯田在農業生產結構中所扮演之角色應逐漸調整為著重『生產性』、『生態性』、『生活性』等功能的發揮,並促使社會大眾了解水稻梯田對環境與生態之貢獻,以確保水稻梯田之永續利用。在水稻梯田之降雨-逕流模擬上,水筒模式與線性水庫結合參數自動率定法之模擬流量能確實掌握紀錄流量的變化趨勢,需要收集較多的集水區的水位流量與集水區內相關雨量來加以分析。本研究利用水筒模式與線性水庫,分別對於水稻梯田來進行逕流模擬與參數分析之研究,選用新竹縣新埔鎮大茅埔段之水稻梯田為試驗流域,並於試驗流域之入流點及出流點設置自記式水位計與雨量計,利用收集之流量、雨量實測之資料進行模擬與探討。模擬結果顯示水筒模式整體模擬均優於線性水庫,就搜尋效率而言SCE-UA法要比MultiStart Powell法較為節省時間。

Since long-time, the paddy field function only lies in the production paddy rice to meet the human grain need. Time in recent years society's fast vicissitude and paddy rice demand quantity reducing, after as well as Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization the paddy rice to open the import, traditional function of the paddy field has declined day after day, the paddy field role of the acting should gradually adjust in the agricultural production structure for emphatically "Productive", "Ecological" of, "Living" functions displays, and urges the social populace to understand the terraced paddy field contribution to the environment and the ecology, guarantees the terraced paddy field to continue forever the use. The simulation of rainfall-runoff in the terraced paddy field, simulation current capacity the tank model and Conceptual model of linear reservoirs union automatic rating parameter law truly may grasp the record current capacity the change tendency, needs to collect more catchment area waters level current capacity with catchment area in to be connected the rainfall to perform to analyze. This research use Tank Model and Conceptual model of linear reservoirs, regarding terraced paddy field runoff research simulation and parameter analysis The experimental valley selects terraced paddy field in Hsuing-Pu, Hsuing-Chu. to set up water line and rainfall sensor at inflow and outflow point in the experimental valley. To use collected discharge and rainfall observed data to do rainfall-runoff simulation and confer. The result of simulation showed the tank model whole simulation surpasses the Conceptual model of linear reservoirs, the speaking of search efficiency the SCE method to have law to save the time compared to MultiStart Powell method.
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