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標題: 水稻梯田土壤沖蝕量之研究
A Study on the Soil Erosion of Terraced Paddy Field
作者: 陳世宗
Chen, Shih-Zong
關鍵字: Soil erosion;水稻梯田;Ponding water;Terraced paddy field;土壤沖蝕;湛水
出版社: 土木工程學系

The function of the terraced paddy field in the water and soil conservation category is equal to the bench terraces processing method, and can save the amount of water in the farmland, then reach to defer the formation of the flood peak lag time and runoff, and keep soil from running off to wait for the effect.
Terraced paddy field this research designation, is equipped with the registration type water level and the rainfall metering equipment enters the flow point to the experimental basin and the flow point, the research technique for in actual rains under the condition, in gathering terraced paddy field fixed place as well as neighboring agricultural road and non-paddy field runoff water 200c.c. Use the concept of volume proportion to analyze three soil erosions.
The result showed the terraced paddy field as a result of ponding water, reduced has rained to the soil erosion, caused the soil erosion to be smaller than the non-paddy field, also how much soil erosion with the rainfall intensity size not very relevance, but was should regard then rain condition to decide, summarizes proved the terraced paddy field was preventing the soil flushed the eclipse aspect the function.
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