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標題: 鋼筋輕質骨材混凝土牆之力學行為
Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Wall
作者: 陳俊釗
chen, jyun-jhao
關鍵字: Lightweight Aggregate Concrete;輕質骨材混凝土
出版社: 土木工程學系

This paper aims to investigate the mechanical behavior of reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete (R.L.A.C.) wall under horizontal loading. Three test parameters, such as spacing of reinforcing bars, types of coarse aggregates and sizes of reinforced concrete walls, were considered to research the effects on the shear strength, stiffness, ductility, and failure modes of walls. The test results were compared to those of corresponding reinforced normal aggregate concrete (R.L.A.C.) walls to evaluate the feasibility of R.L.A.C. walls in practical engineering.
The test results show that the shear strength, ductility, and failure modes of R.L.A.C. walls are similar to N.L.A.C. wall. When spacing of reinforcing bars is smaller, the yield and ultimate strength of R.L.A.C wall are higher, but the R.L.A.C. walls have the disadvantage of ductility. The spacing of reinforcing bars has no obvious influence on the first crack of the walls. In regard to wall size effects, an increase of wall width will result in an increase of wall stiffness.
As a whole, R.L.A.C. can replace R.N.A.C. in practical wall constructions.
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