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標題: 整合地籍圖、航測地形圖與都市計畫圖套疊後精度分析之研究-以臺中市為例
A study of Integration and Precision Analysis of PhotogrammetricTopographic Map, Cadastral Map and Urban Planning Map-A Case Study of Taichung City
作者: 李祺滄
Lee, Chi-Tsang
關鍵字: cadastral map;地籍圖;photogrammetric topographic map;urban planning map;航測地形圖;都市計畫圖
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘 要:本研究將地籍圖透過數學模式轉換,並與數值航測地形圖坐標在同一系統下來進行圖層套疊,藉由整合三圖套疊合一,分析套疊後之精度及誤差傳播情形,進而提供品質良好之最佳圖資來提供決策者做為決策、規劃、評估分析之用,也能提供地政單位土地複丈時地形地貌之參考及土地座落位於何處供社會大眾使用,進而促進政府單位行政效率,提升為民服務。

ABSTRACT:It is a trend to integrate cadastral map, photogrammetric topographic map and urban planning map. These maps are based on different coordinates system. Therefore, they are difficult for current usage. This study aimed at investigating the datum transformation of the three kinds map and trying to integrate them.
This study will discuss the precision and error propagation of integrating cadastral map, photogrammetric topographic map, and urban planning map. Consequently, to evaluate the positioning precision of the control point, side length of manor and measure of area, the precision are accorded to the specification of cadastral survey.
The results obtain from this study show the difference of acreage is smaller than 0.012% between before transformed and after transformed. All of results achieved the criterion of cadastral survey. So the procedure of this study could be the standard operation procedure of the integration of these three kinds of map.
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