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標題: 慣性力對波浪-海底床-埋管交互作用機制之有限元素模式
Finite Element Model for Wave-Seabed-Pipeline Interaction with Inertia Force Effect
作者: 黃吉廷
Huang, Jimmy
關鍵字: Finite Element;有限元素;Inertia;Pipeline;慣性力;海底埋管
出版社: 土木工程學系
本文目的在建立波浪作用下土壤內埋管之二維有限元素分析模式,模式主要利用Biot’s 壓密理論、彈性力學之力平衡方程式及彈性下應力應變線性關係式,因波浪作用有週期性之特性先將時間變數自方程式及邊界條件分離,再利用Galerkin 法建立有限元素法模式進行分析。

The objective of this study is developed a two-dimensional finite element model for wave-seabed-pipeline interaction with inertia force effect. The formulation is based on Biot's consolidation theory and equilibrium equations. The finite element model is established by using Galerkin's method. Boundary condition is obtained by solution of wave-induced response of porous seabed. The solution of program is obtained from convergence solution by analyzing the different size region
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