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標題: 家禽里奧病毒基因體S3片段核酸序列及其蛋白質產物之特性分析
Characterization of the nucleotide sequence and the protein encoded by the genome segment S3 of avian reovirus
作者: 殷獻生
Sheng, Yin Hsien
關鍵字: avian reovirus;家禽里奧病毒;S3;open reading frame;開放讀碼區
出版社: 獸醫學系
家禽里奧病毒S1133株雙股RNA基因體S3片段經由Moloney murine
Leukemia virus (M-MLV)反轉錄■反轉錄成cDNA後,再選殖與定序而得到
為 41.5 kDa,相當於S3基因有93%轉譯成蛋白。這個σB多■與已在
第 100個到第117個胺基酸是屬於amphipathic α-helix,而大部分融合
蛋白(fusion protein)都具有這個重要的特性,因此推測σB 多■可能在

The S3 segment of the dsRNA genome of avian reovirus strain
S1133 was reverse transcribed with M-MLV reverse transcriptase.
The cDNA was subquently cloned and sequenced. Results showed
that segment S3 is 1179 nucleotides long which contains an
open reading frame, starting from n.t. 24 to n.t. 1126.
This open reading frame encodes the 41.5 KDa major outer
capsid protein,σB. The entire length of this open reading
frame comprises 92% of segment S3. Sequence analysis
revealed that the sequence ofσB is 45% identical to the σ3
of mammalian reovirus type 3. Results also showed thatσB
peptide contains hydrophobic regions and an amphipathic
region between amino acid residues 100 and 117. This
suggests that ARV protein σB may play an important role in
the induction of cell fusion of the virus-infected cell.
Therefore, the fusogenic properties of ARV protein σB may
serve as a good model for the studies on the molecular
pathogenesis of non-enveloped virus.
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