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標題: 台灣區域性犬隻心絲狀蟲寄生狀況調查及其DNA指紋圖譜之分析
Parasitological Investigation and Analysis of DNA
作者: 丁秋煌
huang, Tin chiew
關鍵字: RAPD-PCR;犬心絲蟲;D.immitis;S.digitata;S.cervi;major bands;隨機增殖多形圖-DNA聚合酵素鏈鎖反應;牛指狀絲;鹿絲狀蟲;主要片段
出版社: 獸醫學系
犬 340頭,以血液檢查,結果陽性犬有 100頭,其陽性率為 29.4%,每20
μl血液中之幼絲蟲數以 1-100隻為多。基隆市調查230頭,結果血檢之陽
性犬有 50 頭,其陽性率為 21.7%;心臟剖檢之陽性犬 101頭,其陽性率
為 47.2%,共取出雌蟲 335條,雄蟲 331條,未成熟蟲體15條。依數據帶
入卡方檢定 (Chi-square test)後,唯年齡對感染有所差別,即年齡愈大
其陽性率愈高。 The epidemiology condition of Dirofilaria
immitis infection in stray dog in Taichung and Keelung two
areas with different climate and topography were studied.
Monthly examination for D. immitis infection in live and
necropsied dogs were carried out. Host data on sex, species,
age, size, length of time abandoned by human, hair length of,
haircoat color and skin health were

considered, and correlated to D.immitis infection. In
Taichung for microfilaria by microscopically examining 20 μl
of blood. A total of 340 stray dogs were examined. Of the
340 dogs, 100(29.4%) were found to be positive for
microfilaremia and the density of microfilaria range from 1
to 1800 in the 20 μl of examined. In Keelung a total of 230
dogs was examined for both microfilaria and the adult worms.
The number of male, female and inmature worms were also noted.
Of the 230 dogs, 50(21.7%) and 101(47.2%) were found to be
positive for microfilaremia and adult worms, respectively.
A total of 335 female, 331 male and 15 immature was collected.
From the statistic analysis of the host data, no significant
difference in the prevalence of the infection was observed
between male and female dogs, between pure breed and
mongrel dogs, between dogs with darker and lighter
haircoat color, and between dogs with healthy and
diseased skin conditions. Only the age of the host was found
to be statistically significan with respect to the pravelence,
that is, the older the host, the higher the infection rate.
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