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標題: 血紅素在正常乳腺或乳腺腫瘤表現之研究
Expression of hemoglobin in the normal or neoplastic mammary gland
作者: 陳信帆
關鍵字: hemoglobin;血紅素
出版社: 獸醫學系
本研究在犬隻的正常乳腺與乳腺腫瘤組織的SDS-PAGE蛋白電泳圖中發現,於15 kD的位置有不同表現量的蛋白條帶出現,其表現量以正常乳腺最強、惡性乳腺腫瘤次之、良性乳腺腫瘤最弱。另外,在乳腺腫瘤分期上的表現量,則隨著分期的增加,15 kD蛋白的表現量有上升的趨勢,但是在第五期乳腺腫瘤的表現則又下降。經由Western blotting分析,發現正常乳腺所表現出相當多的15 kD蛋白為hemoglobin。進一步以質譜儀分析此蛋白條帶,確定15 kD蛋白內含有hemoglobin α chain與β chain。另外,用正常乳腺組織以Western blotting偵測glycophorin A,結果發現並不帶有紅血球細胞膜上的特徵蛋白質glycophorin A,這表示我們所偵測到的hemoglobin並非來自血液中紅血球。目前關於犬隻正常乳腺或乳腺腫瘤hemoglobin表現的機制與功用仍未知,仍需更進ㄧ步的研究。

Hemoglobin is a classical member of the globin family and is stored in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is a typical protein for transporting oxygen through the body. Besides canine normal mammary gland, hemoglobin has been detected in both human and canine mammary gland tumor. Some reports showed that hemoglobin can up-regulate metalloproteinase-9 and help tumor cell's adhesion. Therefore, hemoglobin may play a role in tumor progression.
We find that there is a prominent band with different degree of expression at approximately 15 kD in SDS-PAGE in canine normal and in neoplastic mammary gland. It has the strongest expression in normal mammary gland tissue, and follow by the malignant and the benign mammary gland tumor. In addition, the expression of the 15 kD protein increase with the clinical stage serious level along. Then, its expression falls at clinical stage V. After Western blotting analysis, the 15 kD protein in normal mammary gland is shown to be hemoglobin. Furthermore, mass spectrometry results demonstrated that the 15 kD protein is hemoglobin α chain and β chain. We also use Western blotting to detect a characteristic red blood cell membrane protein, glycophorin A, in the normal mammary gland tissue, and we find glycophorin A is not detected in the normal mammary gland tissue. Thus, it indicated the hemoglobin we found is not from the red blood cells. The mechanism and the function of hemoglobin expressed in the normal or neoplastic mammary gland was not known yet.
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