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標題: 利用地理資訊系統與HEC-1運動波法進行自動化水文模擬
The Automation of hydrology simulation by Using Geographic Information System and Kinematic Wave method of HEC-1 Modeling
作者: 陳通發
Chen, Ton-Far
關鍵字: Arcview;地理資訊系統;HEC-1;Avenue;網路
出版社: 土木工程學系
本研究係利用地理資訊系統套裝軟體 Arcview 之功能 , 結合 HEC-1 水
文模式並以網路聯結工作站之三度空間分析模組以期在 WINDOWS 系統架
. 其內涵係以地理資訊系統( ARC/INFO , ARCVIEW )影像分析軟體 (
Erdas Imagine ) 與自行撰寫之程式界面 ( Avenue ) 為工具 , 使其能
自動取得集水區之相關參數後產生一水文模式之輸入檔 , 再以 HEC-1 水
文模式之運動波法求算出集水區內任一水文站控制範圍之流量歷線 , 以
完成一套模擬與展示同步的集水區 水文模擬系統 , 而達到即時水文模擬
的目的 .

This study uses GIS software ARC/INFO and associate Arcview
packageto develop a network-based HEC-1 hydrologic simulation
model. The basic framework is constructed on PC WINDOW platform
and can be connected with workstation system through networking.
The proposed study contains GIS and image processing software
to obtain the required watershed geomorphologicas well as ground
truth parameters which are necessary in HEC-1 modeling. Also ,
through AVENUE programming , a series of graphic user interface
arecompeted to automatically generate HEC-1 input file directly
from the GIS date files. As for runoff simulation , the entrie
watershed was first divided into 40 subwatersheds. Within each
subwatershed , the kinmatic waverouting method of HEC-1 modeling
was performed to obtain runoff rate. Finally, by connecting all
subwatersheds , the output hydrograph at the watershedoutlet for
various rain storms can thus be simulated.
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