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標題: 低水泥量高性能混凝土之力學性質研究
Research on the Mechanical Properties of Low cement High- Performance Concrete
作者: 鄭全志
Jeng, CHyuan-Jyh
關鍵字: HPC;低水泥量;concrete;高性能混凝土;混凝土;力學性質
出版社: 土木工程學系
長、水泥量影響、應力-應變行為、彈性模數及柏松比。 結果顯示,
強度可達75MPa以上,改善一般高水泥量高性能混凝土之缺點。 關於

This study presents the mechanical properties of low cement
high-performance concrete(LcHPC). Discussions focus on
compressive strengthgain with time, stress-strain behavior in
uniaxial compression, modulusof elasticity, and Poisson''s ratio.
The test results show that by incorporating low quantity of
cementand high volumes of mineral admixtures and coarse
aggregates(0.45m^3/m^3),LcHPC can decrease heat of hydration and
thermal microcracking, and increasecompressive strength and
modulus of elasticity at later ages. Also, the compressive
strength can reach over 75MPa. LcHPC improve the disadvantage
of common high-performance concrete with high cement contents.
As regarding modulus of elasticity, it was observed that the
existing empirical formulas of some codes overestimated the
modulus of elasticityfor domestic HPC. In this study, the
predicated expression obtained byregressing the experimental
data estimated elastic modulus, and then compared with other
test results of HPC, it was found the predicted valuesgot a
reasonable approximation.
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