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標題: 再生混凝土之製造及性質研究
Study on the production and properties of recycled aggregate concrete
作者: 張世健
chang, shi-jian
關鍵字: 再生混凝土
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要 本文利用實驗室內抗壓試驗後的圓柱試體,強度由2000psi
造.然後測試再生之新拌混凝 土性質及硬固混凝土各項工程及力學性質,
並與相同配比下的普通混凝土比較之. 試驗結果顯示, 由廢棄混凝土

Abstract The use of recycled coarse aggregates in processing
mix design and production of recycled aggregate concrete were
prepared by the crushing of tested concrete cylinders of
compressivestrength from 2000psi to 5000psi in the laboratory.
Then,we test the properties of fresh recycled aggregate concrete
and physical and mechanical properties of harden concrete in
contrastto natural aggregate concrete in the same mix
proportion. The test results showed,the shape and physical
properties of recycled coarse aggregates can reach the basic
requirement of normal concrete coarse aggregates after the
crushing. Proper grading recycled aggregate can produce
reasonable concrete smoothly.After processingtesrs of variant
physical and mechanical properties of recycled aggregate
concretewhich water-cement ratio from 0.5 to 0.7,it was found
that although its properties were worse than natural aggregate
concrete which is the control set,but the differenceis limited.
So,we''ve got a conclusion that it is suitable acceptability to
adopt recycledcoarse aggregate in the concrete production.
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