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標題: 鋼管架上搭接木支撐之承載能力探討
Study on Load-Carrying Capacity of Steel Scaffords with Wooden Shores
作者: 耿彥偉
Keen, Yen-Wei
關鍵字: Steel Scafford;鋼管架;Wooden Shore;Load-Carrying Capacity;木支撐;承載力
出版社: 土木工程學系
,極限承載力最大可折減70%。 系統破壞方式依木支撐長度而異,
者之互制破壞行為。 由數值結果發現,完全束制搭接點的位移,可使

The objective of the study is to realize the load-carrying
capacity of steelscaffords system with wooden shores for high-
clearance reinforced concrete stru-ctures. The research work
includes experiments indoor and numericsl analysis. La-boratory
studies wewe carried out to get a critical loads and failure
mode in two-story steel scaffords with different length of
wooden shores. The commericalcode ANSYS providing second-order
elasic analyses are used in numerical analysis. Results
obtained from experiments show that the load-carrying capacity
of asteel scafford system will decrease up to 70 percent. Good
splicing condition between the steel scaffords and wooden shores
will increase the load-carrying ca-pacity of this system. It
is also found that the failure modes of the system are
controlled by the length of the wooden shores. As the length of
wooden shores are shorter than 17cm,the failure mode is tend to
buckle in steel scafford itself. On the contrary,the callapse of
the system caused by the large deformation at the interface
between the steel scafford and wooden shore will occur when the
length of wooden shores are larger than 85cm. The interaction
effects between the wooden shores and steel scaffords will occur
as the length of the wooden shores are between 17cm and 85 cm.
From numerical analysis it was found that the load-carrying
capacity will in-crease to equal to the failure load of a steel
scafford system if the joint inter-face between the steel
scafford and the wooden shore is constrained, and the
lateral constrained force is found to be only about 30kgf.
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