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標題: 變質流作用下滯洪設施之水理試驗研究
Study on the Hydraulic Characteristics of Detention Structure in Unsteady Flow
作者: 廖建雄
liaw, jian-shong
關鍵字: unsteady flow;變量流;detention structure;滯洪設施
出版社: 土木工程學系

The detention facilities are necessary in slopeland developing
project.It is used to absorb the increas of peak runoff and
sedimentation due todeveloping activies. Open slot detetion dam
can often be applied to decreas the maximum efflux and to adjust
the sediment transport. However, portion of its volume so as its
function of runoff control. In this research, theorectical
analysis together with experimental work are applied to study
the function od detetion dam in regard to runoff control and
sediment flushing.
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