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標題: 低水泥量高性能混凝土配比之研究
Research on the mixture proportion of Low cement High Performence Concrete
作者: 陳泓炘
Chen, Hung-Shing
關鍵字: LcHPC;低水泥量高性能混凝土;Admixture (superplasticizer);supplemental;cementitious;摻劑(強塑劑);摻料(飛灰;爐石)
出版社: 土木工程研究所
是由乾拌蒸汽混凝土的試驗結果卻顯示,以 250 kg/m^3的水泥含量已可
製造出 60 MPa以上強度的混凝土。因而可知,高水泥量並非高強度混凝
土的必備條件。基於上述,本研究將應用 Kennedy的材料組合原理及骨材
表面積理論,先推求低水泥高性能混凝土 LcHPC的配合設計,然後運用摻
劑或摻料的效能與拌合技術,研究出合宜的 LcHPC。最後利用試驗結果,

In accordance with the conventional concrete mix design ,a high
cement conten is an important factor required in the
production of high strength concrete . However ,the test
results of concrete made with the dry-mix ∕steam-injection
procedure indicate that concrete made with a low cement
content ( 250 kg/m^3 ) exhibits a high strength in an order
of 60 MPa comparable to those of high strength concretes
made with the wet mix procedure . It is therefore ,
envisioned that the conventional wet mix method may be
improved to make high strength concrete with a low cement
content . The proposed research will be carried out in two
phases involving a theoretical study and an experimental test
. In the first phase , the Kennedy material constitution law
and the surface area method will be examined to optimize
the mix design . In the second phase , different admixtures
such as superplasticizers , water reducing agents and
supplemental cementitious materials will be recorded , of
which the data will be carefully studied to develop an
effective mix technique . The objective of the proposed
project is to conduct a feasibility study on minimizing the
cement content in manufacturing high performence concrete .
In order to provide useful reference for maintainable
research and applied development , it is appropriate to figure
out a mix proportion -ing method for high performence concrete
with a low cement content through analyzing he test results
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