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標題: 植體結構荷載之破裂分析
Cleavage Analysis of Implant Structure Subjected to Load
作者: 林政毅
Lin, Cheng I
關鍵字: Super Element;無限小元素;Singular Order;Stress Intensity Factors;Anchor Bolt;Dental Implant;奇異性階數;應力集中因子;螺栓;人工植牙
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘 要

A super element, formulated by taking the advantage of the element property for similar element shape, is used to investigate the stress concentration and cleavage tendency of implant structure. Incorporating with this super element, the finite element solutions for the studies of the implant structure such as anchor bolt and the dental implant are performed. The osseointegrated dental implant is embedded in the bone for restoring the masticatory and chewing function of edentulous patients. It is analogous to the anchor bolt embedded in the concrete. The location of the weakness point in the implant structure is determined. The researches conducted herein are emphasized on the stress intensity factors and the singular order for cleavage studies. The validity of the analysis approach is verified using the experimental data of the anchor bolt tests. The proposed method is efficient and economical in the analysis of the implant problem.
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