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標題: 數值地形圖圖資數化精度檢核方法之研究
A Study on Accuracy Assessment for the Digital Topographic Maps
作者: 李正義
Lee, Cheng-Yhi
關鍵字: Quality Control;品質控制;Positional Accuracy;Attribute Accuracy;點位精度;屬性分類精度
出版社: 土木工程學系

The quality of digital data plays an important role on the results of accompanied applications. With the development of GIS, more and more digital products appear on the spatial data market and become the basis of applications. However, a producer or purchaser of these digital products can't perform complete check on these data for economical reasons. This research thus focuses on the design of an on-line checking procedure for 1/25000 digital topographic maps in order to analyze the quality of their production process.
Empirical results depict that using the linear regression transformation method in a sample area is the best rectification method for digital image maps. Sample data were extracted from rectified digital image maps to verify positional accuracy and classified attribute accuracy. The decision of errors in the digital maps are discussed by analyzing the uncertainty of samples and the spreading distribution of errors. Procedures developed in this research are expected to be helpful in describing the characteristics of accuracy and to enhance quality control and quality classification of the digital maps in the future.
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