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標題: 波浪作用下沉箱式防波堤之三維有限元素分析模式
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelfor Wave-Induced Force on Caisson Breakwater
作者: 陳宗楠
關鍵字: diffraction;繞射;caisson;breakwater;Finite Element;沉箱;防波堤;有限元素
出版社: 土木工程學系

In this study, we will establish a three-dimensional finite element model to investigate the basic mechanism of wave-seabed-caisson interaction. The model will be developed based on Biot's consolidation theory and force balances in poro-elastic theory. In the model, the diffraction wave component, and soil response under wave loadin will be considered in the model. Based on the new three-dimensional finite element model, Effects of wave characteristics (including water depth, wave height, wave period and diffracted wave components) and soil behaviour on the wave-induced soil response will be examined, as well as the stresses within the caisson. All these will provide a guide for engineering practice.
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