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標題: 中強度高性能混凝土(TAICON)之力學性質研究
Research on the Mechanical Properties of Medium Strength High Performance concrete (TAICON)
作者: 劉銘龍
關鍵字: high performance concrete;高性能混凝土;HPC;taicon;高性能混凝土;台灣混凝土
出版社: 土木工程學系

This study investigates the mechanical properties of medium strength high performance concrete (TAICON). Experiments focus on the strength development , the stress-strain behavior in uniaxial compression , the modulus of elasticity , and the Poisson's ratio.
The test results show that by adding pozzolanic material the workability of TAICON can be improve , the compressive strength at later ages is increase . Also , the compressive strength can reach to over 40MPa , but the modulus of elasticity are lower than that of prediction value.
When replacing parts of cement by pozzolanic material , the more replacement percentages of slag will result in less amount of required sp and larger compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity . Current prediction models of ACI 318 and ACI 363 are found to be overestimated the modulus of elasticity of TAICON .
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