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標題: 垂直式單階跌水工與跌水消能池之流場特性探討
Study on the Characteristics of Vertical Drop Structure and Plunging Pool
作者: 邱泳仁
Jen, Chiu Yung
關鍵字: period;週期性;oscillation;plunging pool;振盪流;消能池
出版社: 土木工程學系

Free overfall could be seen in where a structure built across a natural and article channel to raise the level of water, with water flowing over it. This situation in which there is a sudden drop in the bed causing the flow to separate from the stream bed and move down the further step. Although many related topics were studied during last seventy years. However, many detailed flow structure including of the circulating vortex flow, the strong horizontal velocity profile, … etc, in the poor of free overfall are until see now. The purpose of the present study is make clear the velocity profile of free fall by the measuring result of particle image velocimetry (PIV) to compare with the measuring result of fiber laser Doppler velocimetry (FLDV). Further more, the study on the characteristics of periodic oscillation of free overfall with plunging pool make us to recognize that the situation of periodic oscillation occurring. Fiber laser Doppler velocimeter and wave gauge as well as aluminum-particle tracking visualization technique were employed, respectively, for quantitative measurements and qualitative observations. Main variables tested in the experiments include the oncoming (unit-width) discharge, the upstream and downstream heights of the plunging pool, and the lengths of the plunging pool and of the end sill. Moreover, the effect of air pocket, existing between the free overfall and upstream vertical wall of the drop structure, on the oscillation of plunging pool is also discussed in the present study. Some important features of the periodic oscillation in the plunging pool, including oscillation behaviour and non-dimensional oscillation frequency (i.e. Strauhal number), are briefly depicted.
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