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標題: 地籍圖掃瞄數化位置精度評估之研究
A Study on Positional Accuracy Assessment of Scanned Cadastral Maps
作者: 傅桂霖
fu, kuei lin
關鍵字: cadastral map;地籍圖;vectorizing;向量化
出版社: 土木工程學系

Cadastral maps play dominant roles in land administration as their accuracy requirement is the highest among the nine databases in the National Geographical Information Systems (NGIS). However, old cadastral maps usually get wrinkled and destroyed, the establishment and supply of digital cadastral date are the most primary work for preserving cadastral map data and implementing NGIS.
This paper examines possible sources of error in the processes of digitizing cadastral maps , including errors caused by orientating cadastral maps, instruments, and vectorizing on the scanned images of cadastral maps, etc, in order to estimate the accuracy of digitizing on the scanned images of cadastral maps based on error propagation principles. Meanwhile, the influence of using wrinkled cadastral maps was also evaluated. Empirical results should provide quantified information about errors digitizing cadastral map workers and end-users for their application, evaluation and decision-making in using these data .
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