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標題: 透水潛堤對波場及土壤孔隙壓力變化之研究
Wave and Soil Pore-Pressure Transformation due to Submerged Porous Breakwater
作者: 陳寬鴻
Chen, Kuan-Hong
關鍵字: 能量損失
出版社: 土木工程學系

The purpose of this research is aims at considering that the sea bed is a bottom bed of the sand quality, the wave characteristic and its change of the soil hole pressure of sand quality caused that the wave passed the submerged permeable breakwater in this study. Set up six kinds of submerged breakwaters where different height and width change on the horizontal sand quality bottom bed in the experiment, geometry of each kind of submerged breakwater to arrange the wave condition of matching with 16 kinds of different periods and a high variety. The main measurement item is high for wave to distribute and the hole pressure changes. The experimental result shows, when the height or width of submerged breakwater are larger, the reflecting rate of wave increases, the wave is high and opposite is lower behind the breakwater, the transmission rate descends, so its energy loses bigger, and the sharp degree of wave is also lost with energy into a positive correlation trend, when the relative submerged breakwater is smaller in height (h/d=0.5), Changing the submerged breakwater to lift the width and the sharp degree, decreasing amount difference is diminished. Study to find, the amplitude reduce after the wave passed submerged breakwater, and base energy decay range than two amplitude, cause a form presented wave crest appearances of line. As for the variety of the soil hole pressure of the sand quality, its characteristic is roughly the same as wave field, only the influence that the hole pressure is covered by the bottom bed of the sand quality, the non-linear effect is decreased, the amplitude of pressure is distributed on the main frequency.
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