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標題: 應用橋樑管理系統探討南投縣信義鄉、水里鄉橋梁災損原因
Study on Causes of Bridge Damage in Sinyi and Shuili Townships of Nantou County by Applying Bridge Management System
作者: 梁正育
Liang, Tseng-Yu
關鍵字: Study on Causes of Bridge Damage by Applying Bridge Management System;應用橋梁管理系統探討橋梁災損成因
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘 要

Due to special geographical features, there are numerous bridges over rivers in Taiwan. Recently, the advance of engineering techniques enhances the safety of bridge design;thus, the bridge becomes the important infrastructure of public transport. Once the bridge collapses, it will not only endanger lives and properties but also strike economy and social security.
Earthquakes happen frequently in Taiwan, in the seismic belt of the West Pacific Ocean, persistently plus typhoons and seasonal rainfall every year. These disasters cause the lowering of river beds. The landslides triggered by heavy rain block the channel near the bridge. Therefore, how to protect and manage bridges is an urgent topic.
Based on the data of visual inspection recorded in the “Bridge Management System”, this study focuses on the analysis of the cause and scour vulnerable part of the bridge according to many cases of bridge disaster occurred in Nantou County where debris flows arise with high potential. To make clear the causes of damage parts of the bridges, to retrofit the partly damaged bridges, and to lengthen their life period are the aim of this study.
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