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標題: 應用時域反射技術(TDR)監測排水廊道變形之方法研究
Using Time Domain Reflectometry for Deformation Monitoring with Drainage Tunnel
作者: 陳建昕
Chen, Jain Sin
關鍵字: TimeDomainReflectometry;時域反射技術;Monitoring;DrainageTunnel;監測;排水廊道
出版社: 土木工程學系
1. 此監測裝置已成功架設於排水廊道內進行測試。
2. 注型用透明樹脂是較佳且適合固結電纜的固結材料。
3. 根據間距對同軸電纜的影響試驗,發現以1cm作為量測的間距是較合適的。
4. 配合室內模擬的試驗,將可協助監測者判斷隧道變形位置及 方式。

Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) is a newly measurement technology for landslide monitoring. In the past few year, using TDR to study landslides in Li-Shan has received a pretty achievement. It proved that use TDR to replace traditional monitoring is achievable. Li-Shan landslide area have two transverse drainage tunnel to drain groundwater in deep stratum and lowering groundwater level ,.During construction of these tunnels , it collapsed several times . It showed that not all tunnel located in fresh bedrock. It seems passed through few fractured zones.
This study will try to set TDR monitoring system in drainage tunnel in order to monitor the future deformation. To receive the best monitoring Effectiveness, tests are performed. Including the installing mode 、 test for coagulate material、and proper Gap in advanced for work test .Different deformation types are simulated in laboratory to see difference in reflected waveform. According to the results of these tests. Zones of weakness for possibly Sliding face can be judged from record of construction work.
Finally, according to the test analysis and discussions about the results, the following was concluded:
1. This monitoring system has set in the tunnel successfully and ready for work.
2. POLY resin is a proper coagulate material for this system.
3. The result of feasible gap setup width test, we suggest that use 1cm can be the properly gap width for this setup.
4. Composing the results of the tests, it would help us to judge where the deformation are and what kind deformation it would be.
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