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標題: 加走寮溪河口段施設高規格堤防
Study on the safety of constructing the super dike near the exit of Jia-Zou-Liao river
作者: 顏宏哲
關鍵字: debris flow;土石流;super dike;高規格堤防
出版社: 土木工程學系

Jia-Zou-Liao river which is the major tributary of the Chin-Shui river has characteristics of steep channel, fragmental slope and abundant talus deposited by the river. There were also wide spread landslide on the basin of this river after the earthquake on September 21 in 1999. In 2001, the typhoon Toraji brought high intensitive storm that triggered debris flow in this river eventually. The catastrophic debris flow flooded the outlet of Jia-Zou-Liao river and also expanded the width of of the outlet.
The Ruey-Hsing super dike, located along the left bank of the outlet of Jia-Zou-Liao river, is the remedial diaster mitigration structure. Based on the results of Hec-Ras mode routing, this study used debris flow analysis and aerial photography verification to discuss the variation of flow channel and the safety of Ruey-Hsing super dike. It is shown that the present channel provides enough capacity for the flood of return period of 100 years. Althought the designed location and structure could prevent from debris flow threats, but the grain size of the front slope of the super dike can not resist shear stress acting. It is suggested that the management agent pay attention to improve the structure for safety concern.
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