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標題: 探討2-N取代位置之N-confused porphyrin金屬錯化物: Iminiun ion pairs型態之空環和鎳金屬紫質錯化物比較以及C-oxide結構之銅、銠金屬紫質錯化物之合成與分析
Metal Complexes of 2-N substituted N-confused Porphyrin: PartⅠ:Comparism of iminiun ion pairs type between 2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPPH and Ni(2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPP) PartⅡ: Molecular structures of Cu(Ⅱ), Rh(Ⅲ) complexes of 2-N substituted N-confused porphyrin inner C-oxide
作者: 林文茜
Lin, Wen-Chain
關鍵字: 紫質;Porphyrin;晶體結構;銅;核磁共振光譜;Crystal structure;Copper;NMR spectroscopy
出版社: 化學系所
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本篇論文主要是以3-phenoxypropyl bromide做為alkylation reagent和N-confused prophyrin進行反應,得到2-aza-2-(3’-phenoxypropyl)-5,10,15,20- tetraphenyl N-confused porphyrin,2-NCH2CH2CH2-O-C6H5NCTPPH (2)。再以Ni(OAc)2及Cu(OAc)2這兩種金屬試劑分別與2-NCH2CH2CH2-O-C6H5NCTPPH (2)進行反應便可得到Ni(2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPP)(3)及Cu(2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPPO)(4)兩種不同的金屬錯化合物。再以X-ray單晶繞射儀、核磁共振光譜儀、電子順磁共振光譜儀等儀器來鑑定金屬錯化合物的結構及分析比較分子的特性。

We use 3-phenoxypropyl bromide as alkylation reagent to react with N-confused porphyrin to get 2-aza-2-(3’-phenoxypropyl)-5,10,15,20- tetraphenyl N-confused porphyrin,2-NCH2CH2CH2-O-C6H5NCTPPH (2)。And we use Ni(OAc)2、Cu(OAc)2 to react separately with 2-NCH2CH2CH2-O-C6H5NCTPPH (2) to get two different complexes,Ni(2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPP) (3) and Cu(2-NCH2CH2CH2OC6H5NCTPPO)(4). Then we use X-ray Single-Crystal Diffeactometer、NMR spectroscopy and EPR spectroscopy,etc.,to determine the crtstal structure of complexes and to compare and analyze the molecular characteristics.
其他識別: U0005-0307201214492300
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