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標題: 坡地旱田降雨逕流分析研究
Study on Rainfall-Runoff Analysis of Upland Field in Hillslope
作者: 張順竹
Chang, Shun-Chun
關鍵字: tank model;水筒模式;kinematics wave model;simulate;運動波模式;模擬
出版社: 土木工程學系

Taiwan is a small island. Due to the high population density, the land resources are strictly limited. Since the utilization of useful plain is up to the end, the development of hillside has been a trend and inevitable for recently years. During storm seasons, especially when occurred by Typhoon, the huge rainfall always followed by the heavy precipitation and the peak rainfall is far from estimated. Simultaneously, the amount of hydraulic and surface rainfall will be increasing rapidly, the drain systems will out of the original burden. That will threaten the people who live near and downstream areas of hillside.
While dealing with the planning and design works of hydraulic engineering, the key factor is the simulation of the real condition of hydrology. This research is based on tank model which have best hydrologic simulation for simplify to the Dry-tank model, and the kinematics wave model which have best simulation for upland rainfall. Then apply both modes described to study the relationship and effect between rainfall and upland. On the other hand, we select the test area located on Tai-Chun basin, and with two field rainfall event as practical example to clarify the results of the both modes. Finally, the following 5-indexs - RMSE(Root mean squared error),CE(Coefficient of efficiency),EQp(Percent error of peak discharge),ETp(Error of time to peak),and EV(Percent error of total volume) by evaluating . Above two models are applicable, but for ETp index from the kinematics wave model is smaller than the one from Dry-tank model.
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