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標題: 降雨-逕流模式應用於水稻梯田適用性之分析研究
Analytic Study on Application of Rainfall-runoff Models Apply to Terraced Paddy Field
作者: 彭文霈
Peng, Wen-Pei
關鍵字: Terraced Paddy Field;水稻梯田;Rainfall-runoff Model;Calamity Prevention;降雨-逕流模式;防災功能
出版社: 土木工程學系

Terraced paddy field has many soil and water conservation functions such as flood failure control, water preservation, soil preservation and soil erosion prevention. The water store effect of terraced paddy field not only reduce but also delay the flood arrive time effectively. The experimental valley selects terraced paddy field in Hsuing-Pu, Hsuing-Chu. To set up water line and rainfall sensor at inflow and outflow point in the experimental valley. To use collected discharge and rainfall observed data to do rainfall-runoff simulation based on several chosen models which including kinematic wave model, linear reservoir model, tank model, simple A-type tank model and simple B-type tank model. To compare results of several models and to judge the suitability. To choose the most suitable rainfall-runoff model in terraced paddy field. To appraise simulate results of two chosen rainfall events by five appraise indexes of statistics and hydrology. It is found that tank model and simple A-type tank model have the better simulate abilities. So that tank model and simple A-type tank model are suitable rainfall-runoff models in terraced paddy field.
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