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標題: 全域自動化參數率定法於複合水筒模式
Application Study on Global Optimization of the Parameter for Complex Tank Model
作者: 謝正晟
hsieh, cheng-cheng
關鍵字: tank model;水筒模式;paddy tank model;non-paddy tank model;city tank model;Complex tank model;Multi-start Powell method;SCE-UA method;水田水筒;旱田水筒;都市水筒;複合水筒模式;Multi-start Powell法;SCE-UA法
出版社: 土木工程學系
複合水筒模式為傳統之菅原氏四段式水筒模式簡化後所組合而成,其特點為依土地利用狀況之不同,而將流域依各種不同使用情形劃分成水田、旱田、山地以及都市水筒模式,不僅模擬效果良好並可動態模擬流域之部分土地利用狀況改變後之狀況等。然而決定水田、旱田、山地以及都市水筒模式之參數,將直接影響複合水筒模式分析精度。以往其參數之決定必須有長時間之實測雨量與流量資料,並配 合參數之物理意義或試誤法及使用著之經驗等以決定水筒模式之參數,不僅耗時耗力且容易因主觀因素而產生誤差。針對此困擾近年來許多學者紛紛提出參數率定方法而在發展快速之全域參數率定法中Multi-start Powell法與SCE-UA法,已被證實於四段式水筒模式之16個參數率定上成效良好。因此本研究將以複合水筒模式配合Multi-start Powell法為參數率定之方法並以台中筏子溪流域為試驗區,劃分出水田區、旱田區以及都市區域。以實際觀測之雨量與流量資料作為參數率定之依據,並進行降雨-逕流之模擬,結果發現以全域參數率定方法來決定各水筒模式之參數不僅可快速且客觀的決定參數,甚至在模擬精度上有更佳之表現。

Complex tank model is constituted by simple kind of transitional tank model. Its characteristic is base on the land use to divided watershed into Paddy tank model、Non-paddy tank model、Upland tank model and City tank model. That not only has good effect of simulation also can simulate a part of change of the watershed’s land use dynamically. But the parameters of Paddy tank model、Non-paddy tank model、Upland tank model and City tank model influence the analysis precision of Complex tank model directly. So in the past to make decision the parameters of this tank model must have observe rainfall data and discharge data over a long period of time to match up physical meaning of parameters or trial and error method and user’s experience. These not only waste time and mind but also make error by subjective factor easily. For these obsession many scholar bring up the method to calibrate parameters in the close year. And on the global optimization, the Multi-start Powell method and SCE-UA method have been verified has good optimization effect on the 16 parameters of tank model. Therefore our research use the Multi-start Powell method to calibrate the parameters of Paddy tank model、Non-paddy tank model and City tank model in Fa-Tru River watershed which located in Taichung. Use the observation rainfall data and discharge data to calibrate the parameters at the same time to simulate rainfall-runoff. It is being founded that use the global optimization method to calibrate the parameters of tank model not only quickly and objectivity but also has the better ability in the simulation precision.
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