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標題: 筆記型電腦鉸鏈結構之應力分析
The Stress Analysis of Hinge Structure For Notebook Computer
作者: 黃耀民
Huang, Yao Ming
關鍵字: Hinge;鉸鏈;Notebook computers;ANSYS;Stress Analysis;筆記型電腦;ANSYS;應力分析
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究是利用有限元素分析軟體ANSYS來分析筆記型電腦鉸鍊相關結構之應力分析。本研究簡化成兩個主題,一是求鉸鍊結構上螺絲固定處的反作用力;二是將所求得的鉸鍊螺絲固定處的反力當作為外力負荷作用於鉸鍊固定座(I/O bracket)上,以求鉸鍊固定座應力分佈與最大應力發生處。本研究建議更改鉸鍊結構上螺絲固定的方式或是在鉸鏈固定座上加裝橡皮墊片,期能使鉸鍊固定座減少衝擊力。本文除了解決已發生之實際問題外,並為筆記型電腦的結構設計上提供一套有系統的設計參考模式,以做為將來改善產品設計時之參考。並為往後類似問題建立一套有系統之分析模式,做為設計鉸鍊型式及固定位置時之重要參考依據。本研究乃針對筆記型電腦之鉸鏈做相關之探討,其鉸鏈設計之形式或位置可以應用到類似的產品,如掌上型PDA、電子翻譯機或是個人的行動電話等產品上。尤其是現在行動電話越來越輕、薄、短、小,因此鉸鏈的設計與發展勢必更加精緻細密,才能迎合時代的潮流。

This paper uses finite element analysis software to analyze the hinge structure of notebook computer. Herein, we intend to determine the reaction forces at hinge which are fixed with screws. The resultant reaction forces are then applied to I/O bracket as external forces. The I/O bracket stress analysis can then be obtained. The results show that the location of maximum stress coincident with the place of real failure. The shock-absorbing pad and screwed hinged are proposed to modify the hinge structure. The paper has solved real problem in a notebook computer, and then provides a systematic procedure for hinge structure analysis of notebook computer. It also provides a reference for production design and improving product for designing new type of hinge for notebook computer. These analysis experiences may also apply to personal digital assistant (PDA), electrical translator, personal cellular phone, and etc. Especially, while the popular cellular phone recently has become lighter, and smaller, therefore the design and development of associated hinge structure must be more delicate and precise in order to stay current and upgrade in the future.
Key words: Hinge, Notebook Computers, ANSYS, Stress Analysis
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