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標題: 輕質骨材混凝土之耐震性質研究
Seismic Resistant Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
作者: 高章育
Kao, Zhang-Yu
關鍵字: lightweight aggregate concrete;輕質骨材混凝土;bond strength;stiffness;frequency;damping ratio;握裹強度;勁度;頻率;阻尼比
出版社: 土木工程學系

Earthquake always induces huge damages in Taiwan. To reduce the damage of earthquake and enhance the seismic resistance of structures, building materials that make up the structures should be improved. Lightweight aggregate concrete possesses lower unit weight and better damping characteristic and using it as a building material can enhance the seismic resistance of structures. This research investigates the seismic resistant properties of lightweight aggregate concrete and compares with those of normal weight concrete.
The test results of lightweight aggregate concrete and normal weight concrete show that the unit weight of reinforced lightweight concrete is 20% lower than that of reinforced normal weight concrete at same strength level. As the concrete strength at 20 MPa level, lightweight aggregate concrete appears larger damping ratio and lower bond strength. The stiffness of lightweight aggregate concrete is similar to that of normal weight concrete. As the concrete strength is higher (at 40 MPa level), lightweight aggregate concrete has similar bond strength and damping ratio to normal weight concrete but the stiffness is lower. Moreover, the frequency and damping ratio of reinforced concrete beam are lower than those of plain concrete beam because of the reinforcing bars effect.
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