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標題: 微量潤滑劑之高速銑削實驗探討
An Experimental Study on Minimum Quantity Lubrication for High-Speed Milling
作者: 陳健峰
Chien-Feng, CHEN
關鍵字: MQL;微量潤滑;High-Speed milling;高速銑削實驗
出版社: 機械工程學系

High-Speed machining(HSM)takes the advantage of high metal removal, excellent surface finish and minimal workpiece distortion to lower the machining time and cost. While the natural resource saving and environmental protection are important issues, future machining technology must satisfy green manufacturing such as high efficiency and low pollution. This thesis, therefore, investigates the effect of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on HSM of the pre-hardened molding steel NAK80 through milling experiment.
Experiments are designed in two parts. The precursor experiment is to find the optimum cutting parameter under the best surface roughness. The data are then used to conduct the MQL experiment that compares the surface roughness, cutting forces, and tool wear under different cutting speeds, feeds and MQL supply. The results show that MQL can improve surface quality of workpiece - in some cases the results are superior than that by flooding. It also shows that the best surface roughness for different cutting speeds are under MQL that gives surface roughness around 0.2μm Ra. It also observed from this study that cutting forces of MQL machining is between dry cutting and flooding machining. Tool wear of dry cutting, moreover, is dramatically reduced by MQL. These two observations indicate MQL do provide good lubrication for HSM.
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