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標題: 斜向波浪對離岸堤背後灘線及堆砂效益之影響
Effect of Obliquely Incident Waves on Shoreline Changes and Accretion Behind Single Offshore Breakwater
作者: 陳恆立
Chen, Heng-Li
關鍵字: offshore breakwater;離岸堤;detached breakwater;obliquely incident wave;salient;sand accretion;斜向波浪;砂舌;堆砂效果;砂舌面積
出版社: 土木工程學系

In this paper, a series of experiments were conducted to investigate the shoreline changes and sand entrapments behind single offshore breakwater under obliquely incident waves. Three waves of obliquities 150, 300, 400 and normally incident wave were conducted in the experiment. The experimental results indicate that the asymmetric salient was formed and the salient apex drifted downstream behind the offshore breakwater under oblique waves. It also took longer for the shoreline to reach equilibrium as the wave obliquities increasing. When the angle of the incident waves became bigger, the salient area reduced as well. Especially when the incident wave angle was at 400 in the experiments, the equilibrium shoreline still kept the shape of the salient, but it reduced substantially and did not stretch out to the initial shoreline. It implies the offshore breakwater maybe lost the function of sand entrapments and could not protect the shoreline from erosion adequately in the case of the large angle of obliquely incident waves.
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