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標題: 土地利用改變下洪水出流歷線變化之研究
A Study of the Variety of Flood Hydrograph in the Condition of Different Land Use
作者: 李春蘭
Lee, Chun-Lan
關鍵字: land use;土地利用;Leap-Frog Scheme;runoff analyze;Leap-Frog Scheme;逕流分析
出版社: 土木工程學系
目前農業的發展趨勢傾向於高經濟作物栽培,但因為栽培方式與作物習性之故,水田在轉作高經濟作物或都市化後,必然會導致其下游排水系統的負擔。因此,對於土地利用變化區之區域排水分析研究有其實質的必要性。本研究即針對各種不同的排水條件利用以Leap-Frog Scheme法為基礎之變量流模式對低平的水田區及其渠道網之水流流況進行模擬,以推估水田區土地利用狀況改變將會對原有水田之調洪蓄水功能所產生的影響程度。依據研究之結果,將可用以評估流域內轉作面積在轉作後之計畫排水量,進而提供未來下游地區防災排水設施規劃及設計之參考。

Presently growth expand trend of high value crop, but because grow way and crop behavior, after change paddy field into high value crop or urbanization, to cause the lower reaches drainage systematic's load is inevitable. Hence, area drainage analyze in the land use is necessity. The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the influence of discharge and water level on drainage system by Leap-Frog Scheme. According to the study will to be about to estimate basin's design displacement, proceed to the next step to provide coming the lower reaches area's reference.
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