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標題: 氣潤式多孔性頸軸承之分析
Performance of Porous Air-Lubricated Journal Bearings
作者: 賴勁憲
關鍵字: journal bearing;頸軸承;porous;多孔性介質
出版社: 機械工程學系

This paper applies Reynolds equation to analyze the lubrication performance of the journal bearing. Darcy's law is used to describe the pressure distribution of the porous media. A nonlinear coupled equation are then used to analyze the characteristics of the porous journal bearings
Three dimensionless parameters, namely, the permeability factor K, the bearing numberΛ, and the eccentricity ratioε,are employed to characterize the bearing performance. The results of the compressible air bearing compared with that of the equivalent incompressible bearing are proposed in this analysis.
The results show that the positive pressure solutions are uniformly distributed on the bearing surface of the porous air-lubricated journal bearing. The loading capacity of the porous air bearings is lower than that of an equivalent incompressible bearing. The attitude angles of the porous air-lubricated bearing appear to be a constant value as the loads of the air bearing vary. The pressure distributions and hence the loading capacity of the porous air-lubricated bearings increase when low permeability of the porous media and high rotational speed of the bearing are used.
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