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標題: 熱應力效應對透鏡系統光路徑之影響分析
Analysis on the Influence of Light route inside the lens system due to effect of the Thermal Stress
作者: 宋育全
關鍵字: thermal stress;熱應力;refractive index;light route;CFDRC;折射率;光路徑;CFDRC
出版社: 機械工程學系

The influence of the light route inside the lens system due to effect of the thermal stress is analyzed in this paper. The thermal stress caused by variation of the environmental temperature which in turn varies the refractive index and the light route of the internal lens system is discussed in detail. The software called CFDRC is used to analyze the temperature distribution and the thermal stress of the lens system. Also the refractive index and the light route of the lens system are calculated by a software provided by SCHOTT company.
The thermal and the optical performance of a given lens system are simulated under the environmental temperature of 268k、273k and 278k, respectively. The results show that the thermal variation and hence the effects of the thermal stress can really affect the refractive index and then the light route. However, the error tolerances are within the design limit. The conclusion is that the photo quality is acceptable at the environment of high altitude where the atmospheric temperature is low.
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