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標題: 多晶矽薄膜懸臂樑設計與製作
The Design and Manufacture of Poly-Silicon Thin Film Cantilever Beam
作者: 邱宗炫
關鍵字: film;薄膜;poly-silicon;cantilever;多晶矽;懸臂樑
出版社: 機械工程學系

The design and manufacture of a thin film cantilever made of poly-silicon is conducted in this investigation. A 4-inch silicon wafer with (100) orientation is used as the substrate.
The poly-silicon thin film cantilevers in different aspect ratio are designed and manufactured with photolithography and etching technique. The poly-silicon thin film is deposited by LPCVD technique on the substrate of the silicon wafer. The wet and dry etching techniques are used for the construction of the microstructure of the thin film cantilevers.
The results show that the products made in this investigation depart from the original design not in size but also in the outer appearance, say, the aspect ratio. Because the etching action of the microstructure is isotropic using the wet etching process, which in turn cause the size and appearance deviates from the original design, a phenomena called undercut is resulted due to flank etching and unproper control of the etching time.
Key word: film, poly-silicon, cantilever
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