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標題: 機械研磨對於光學鏡片透光率之研究
Investigation on light transmission rate of the optical lens due to the effect of mechanical finishing process
作者: 劉金昇
Sheng, Liu Chin
關鍵字: 研磨;拋光;光學鏡片
出版社: 機械工程學系

The determination of abrasive powder、grinding time and polishing powder which affect the surface roughness and transmission of lens is investigated in this paper. The glass material BK7, the abrasive of oxidize aluminum ,and the polishing powder of oxidize cerium are used in this experiment.
The optics lens is rubbing against a polishing pad on which an oxidize aluminum slurry is injected between them gradually. The polishing process is conducted in the same way as the grinding process, with an asphalt pad being used as a smoothing pad. The surface image observation is analyzed by the film image system, and the light transmission is measured by a spectrometer.
The result showed that #1200 of an abrasive powder is the final choice in lapping process, and the best lapping time is determined between 15 and 20 minutes. The analysis of the surface image processor indicates that cerium oxide polishing can produce a highly smooth lens surface and its transmission rate of light is satisfied.
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