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標題: 高速主軸迷宮式軸封之壓力與流場分析
Analysis of Flow Structure and Pressure Distrubutions within Labyrinth Seal for High Speed Spindle
作者: 林宜慶
lin, yi ching
關鍵字: Static pressure;靜壓力;flow structure;labyrinth seal;non-contact sealing;流場結構;迷宮式軸封;非接觸式軸封
出版社: 機械工程學系

The purpose of this study is to investigate the static pressure distributions along the wall and flow structures within the labyrinth seal by experiments and numerical analysis. Two aims are expected: (1) To cross-link the flow structures in the flow path and the pressure distributions along the wall of labyrinth seal.(2) To understand the influences due to changes of geometric parameters, such as clearance (h), axial width (G and d), and radial displacement (S). Some important results are found and concluded as follows:
For A models:
(1)In the range of 2≦G/S2<3,vortex strength in cavity B is
strong enough to effectively trap the undesirable substances.
(2)Among A models, the conditions of G/S2=2.5 and h=0.1mm leads to the best sealing effectiveness. However for G/S2<2, the sealing effectiveness reduce significantly.
(3)Increasing the clearance (h) from 0.1mm to 0.5mm results in significant decrease in the flow path resistance, thus, the sealing effectiveness reduces.
For B models:
(1)The sealing effectiveness in cavity B of S=15mm is better than that of S=25mm.
(2)For d/W<0.2, the trapping ability in cavity B is weak. However, for d/W≧0.2, the trapping ability in cavity B largely increases due to different strength of vortex structure.
(3)Increasing the clearance (h) results in significant decrease in the flow path resistance, leading to poor sealing effectiveness.
It is advised that the sealing performance of both models A and B be greatly improved by optimizing these geometric parameters.
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