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標題: 雙音圈喇叭的鑑別與其在主動噪音控制的應用
Identification and Control of Dual Voice Coil Speakers for Active Noise Control
作者: 吳文生
Sheng, Wu Wen
關鍵字: Dual Voice Speaker;雙音圈喇叭
出版社: 機械工程學系
本篇論文的目的是設計一個雙音圈喇叭的表面速度感知器,此感知器最後能將喇叭應用在主動噪音控制,並且降低壓力和耦合效應。此篇論文採用Birdsong 和 Radcliffle [17]的速度感知器結構為基礎,來設計一個包含電流量測、電壓量測和雙音圈喇叭的表面速度感知器的參數鑑別。電流、電壓量測的類比電路首先被設計和實現。而我們採用頻率響應和基因演算法來鑑別感知器參數,使得喇叭表面速度感知器能由實驗來獲得。而後將喇叭表面速度感知器進一步利用數位訊號處理器來實現。以聲管雙音圈喇叭的表面速度感知器為基礎,採用回授控制來實現,證實設計出的雙音圈喇叭表面速度的速度感知器是可以使用的,而且在實際的應用上,我們提出了鑑別的方法。

This study aims to design a face velocity sensor of a dual voice coil speaker such that the sensor can later be used in feedback control of the speaker in active noise control applications to reduce associated pressure coupling effect. A structure of velocity sensor developed by Birdsong and Radcliffle [17] is adopted in this study to design the face velocity sensor that includes a current measurement, a voltage measurement and three sensor parameters. Analogy circuits for the current and voltage measurements are first designed and implemented. A frequency response method incorporating with a genetic algorithm is then developed to identify these sensor parameters such that a face velocity sensor can be obtained for experiments. This designed face velocity sensor is further implemented by using a digital signal processor. Proportion feedback controls based on the designed face velocity sensor of the dual voice coil connected to an acoustic duct are carried out, demonstrating the effectiveness of the designed face velocity sensor and the proposed identification technique in real applications.
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