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標題: 長行程奈米定位系統研究
Study in Long-range and Nanometer Positioning System
作者: 張昫揚
Chang, Hsu-Yang
關鍵字: Nanotechnology;奈米技術;Homodyne interferometer;Voice coil motor;Flexible positioning stage;2 DOF controller;N-times feed-forward control;PID control;單頻雷射干涉儀;音圈馬達;撓性定位平台;二維自由度補償控制理論;N次前饋補償控制法則;PID回饋控制原理
出版社: 機械工程學系
整個精密定位系統的建構,是使用音圈馬達做為致動器,將電能轉換成機械能,推動以撓性結構設計的定位平台,並利用偏振式雷射干涉儀量測位移量,接著由個人微電腦處理取得的位移資料,透過數位PID回饋控制原理與N次前饋補償控制法則,計算適當的電壓控制量輸入音圈馬達,雖然系統本身具有非線性的特性,但最終仍然可以達到1 mm的總移動行程,與10 nm的定位精度,非常適合做固定軌跡的追蹤運動。

Due to maturity of experiment technology in recent ten years, a lot of research and industrial demands have tended to the microcosmic category. These researches on microcosm has there form a new territory called‘Nanotechnology'. Its dimension is from sub-micrometer to sub-nanometer. From the mechanical engineering point of view, positioning technology is an essential foundation for engineering industry. If positioning precision can be raised to nanometer﹐it will be a key point for intruding into nanotechnology. Hence, the core objective of this study is to set up a precise positioning system with nano-precision.
In this study, a voice coil motor was used as actuator to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and driving the flexible positioning stage. While, a homodyne interferometer is used to measure the displacement of this stage. A suitable control value was then sent to voice coil motor by using digital PID feedback control theory and N-times feed-forward control law. Although the system has nonlinear characteristic, it will have reach 1 mm travel range with less than 10nm accuracy.
This study has successfully set up a positioning system. Its characteristic is simple structure with low cost and low-needed of hardware equipment. This positioning system can achieve long-stroke and high-precise motion. It is hope that the result of this study can be expanded to longer stroke and higher precise positioning system, and integrates every mature technology to develop more superior precise instrument in the future.
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